Become a TripleClicks seller

Become a TripleClicks seller

With the Member Listings Program you can quickly, easily, and cheaply convert stuff you no longer want…into stuff you do!

Become a TripleClicks seller

Become a TripleClicks seller

Introduction to Internet Sales

SFI provides its affiliates with options to make in several methods. Among those ways is the TC Member Listings Program, which enables you to offer things you not need (clothing, golf clubs, fashion jewelry, electronic devices, nearly anything) best together with each item at TripleClicks!

With the Member Listings Program you can quickly, easily, and inexpensively convert things you not want … into stuff you do! Note your stuff at TripleClicks, and sell for cash … or in exchange for any of the over 80,000 readily available products. You can even make Executive Affiliate (EA) status monthly selling unwanted products around your home!

Usage TripleClicks as your “online garage sale” to clean out your closets, attics, and garages. List and sell dozens of various products quickly. Each listing costs just one TCredit (as low as $.29), permits approximately three uploaded images, and is good for as long as it takes to sell your product! In addition to all those excellent benefits, you can receive approximately 100% of the sale, too!

To obtain started selling, simply log in at Triple Clicks (utilizing your SFI ID and password) and click the Develop a new member listing link in the TC Member Center. Then just follow the easy directions. Your item can begin being seen by TripleClicks clients within minutes.

Go Pro?

Perhaps you wish to do more than simply sell undesirable things from around your garage and closets. Maybe you want to be a “professional” seller at TripleClicks! If so, you can apply to end up being an ECA (E-Commerce Associate). As a TripleClicks ECA, you’ll enjoy professional seller features and benefits, including:

  • Listings are totally free (no TCredit required).
  • Surefire sales (you pay a nominal charge just when a sale is generated).
  • Exposure to over 6 countless our affiliates and members worldwide.
  • Over 1.5 million potential sellers (i.e. your fellow affiliates who can make commissions offering your products).
  • Triple Clicks processes all payments for you.
  • Integrated product reviews and ratings.
  • Free one-click messaging and emails to your linked members to promote sales, new items, etc.
  • Much┬ámore!

Become a TripleClicks seller

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