Earn lifetime royalties!

6 EASY methods to refer your own TC ECAs and earn lifetime royalties!

earn lifetime royalties!

Earn lifetime royalties!

Making referrals to the TripleClicks E-Commerce Partner (ECA) Program is a TERRIFIC way to make VersaPoints and financially rewarding royalties for life! Not only will you make an instant 100 VP when your ECA creates their very first $10 or more in sales but you’ll also make 10% of the CV on all of your ECA’s sales at TripleClicks.com. So, every time anyone– throughout the world– buys something at TripleClicks from among your referred ECAs, you make a commission! However the advantages don’t stop there: refer your very own customers to your ECA’s “shop within a shop” TConnect Site, and– with the combination of Direct Commissions and ECA Royalties– you can earn a good-looking 55% of the CV on any sales generated!

To assist you get started, here are 6 simple techniques for referring ECAs:

  1. First and most obvious: Do you personally know any business owners who would like to know about the ECA program? After creating a special, targeted list, decide how best to approach the individuals on this list. Depending on your relationship, for example, a call might be a better way to go than dropping in the store personally. The bottom line is to utilize whatever approach makes the most sense.
  2. You probably have favorite regional stores where you buy different goods and services. Wouldn’t it be great if those exact same stores were ECAs of yours?! Your enthusiasm and belief because business might just assist you when approaching business owner as a possible ECA. PLUS … buying your favorite products from your very own referred ECAs will earn you valuable VersaPoints and “refunds” (through ECA Royalties you ‘d receive in subsequent SFI commission payments).
  3. Do you have a Site or a blog that draws in anyone who sells products or services? Ensure you have an ECA banner in place, so interested parties can click the banner and be required to your ECA Gateway. There, they’ll get the full information on the ECA program and sign up (credited to you obviously).
  4. Getting in touch with numerous of your location’s merchants straight by phone can be a reliable way to refer ECAs. Your regional phone book’s Telephone directory (or other service directory site) can provide you with hundreds or countless telephone number to obtain begun right away.
  5. If your city has a business district, you can go from company to service dropping off ECA literature. It’s a fast and easy way to spread the word about the ECA program.
  6. Develop a quality subscriber list of prospective organisations in your area by utilizing telephone directory and other printed or online business directories.

Do NOT method these approaches for introducing the ECA program to business owners as a one-time thing! Developing a genuine company takes time, effort, and following up. Keep a database of all your prospect company addresses, phone numbers, and so on, that you collect. You’ll require that info for the critical follow-ups in the following days, weeks, and months.

Earn lifetime royalties!

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