Introduction to VersaPoints and Profit Sharing

Introduction to VersaPoints and Profit Sharing

Introduction to VersaPoints

Introduction to VersaPoints

What are VersaPoints?  

VersaPoints (VP) are points that are awarded to you for doing various actions that support the growth and success of your SFI business.  When you joined SFI, for example, you had the opportunity to earn hundreds of VP for confirming your email address, for uploading your account photo, etc.  And there are dozens of other actions that you can do monthly to earn thousands of VersaPoints.

Why VersaPoints are important:

1. Versa Points are used as the primary method for determining your rank in SFI.  The more VP you collect, the higher your rank in SFI can go and the more benefits become available to you.

2. The number of VersaPoints you collect each month determines how big your monthly profit share is; you earn one share for every VP you collect (minimum 1500 VP).

3. Versa Points unlock the most powerful component of our compensation plan, Leveraged Income.

4. If you’re still in your first year in SFI, VersaPoints are also important because collecting the most VP is the objective of the E365 contest (a contest for all SFI affiliates in which you can share in over a million dollars in cash and prizes).

5. Versa Points are the key to our “Power Rank” program. Power Rank allows you to see how you stack up amongst your fellow SFI’ers—in your class, in your country, and overall, too.  The more points you collect, the higher your Power Rank can go and the more prestigious your Power Rank badge will be.

Profit Sharing

With all those internet sales going on at, wouldn’t it be incredible if you could share in all of the profits? And not just from your own sales and the sales of people you’ve introduced to SFI, but from the over one million other SFI affiliates, too? Well, hold on to your hat, because, as an SFI affiliate, you get that too! Yes, seriously!

SFI-powered–YOUR store–is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce Websites in the world. TripleClicks currently features 87,253 products—from over 110 countries worldwide—and we’re adding hundreds of new products weekly. Every month, we put a whopping 40% of the Commission Volume of EVERY order at TripleClicks into a revenue pool for our affiliates to share in!

Introduction to VersaPoints

To earn shares of the pool, you need only to score a minimum of 1500 “VersaPoints” monthly. What’s a Versa Point? VersaPoints are something we award to you for doing various actions throughout the month. The more points you score each month, the more you can earn from the pool.  To be exact, you earn one share of the pool for each VersaPoint you score. It’s that’s simple!

Start to collect your own VersaPoints

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