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Getting Started Training

SFI LaunchPad



LaunchPad SFI’s special 30-day “starting” program for new affiliates is called the ‘LaunchPad’.

As a new SFI Affiliate it is necessary to know how whatever works within SFI.

There are 30 articles, one for each day for your first month as an SFI Affiliate. Each post ends with a little test. The answer can be found in the text you must have checked out. It is crucial to check out these short articles. Do not make the mistake to learn more then 2 posts a day, when you check out to much you might get overwhelmed by the big amount of details. And that can be discouraging.

LaunchPad Read 1 short article daily

My recommendations to you (brand-new SFI Affiliate) is: read 1 article a day. That way you likewise produce a brand-new day-to-day procedure of coming back to your SFI control panel and get utilized to this new routine. After Thirty Days your new routine belongs of you and that is essential. This routine creates structure which is extremely beneficial establishing your home based organisation.

A. Do a little work,

B. Make a tiny commitment, and

C. Do your small part each and every month.

Simple as A, B, C!

Devote your efforts to your SFI organisation and, soon, you could have your very own SFI success story to share with others.

Follow the path, the directions, the recipe, and consistently and persistently replicate the efforts of others who succeed … and the chances are excellent that you too will be successful!

The fact that you read this right now proves that you’re ready for success and are willing to put forth the effort to obtain it.

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