Be UNSTOPPABLE in October!

Be UNSTOPPABLE in October!

October has actually arrived, and with it our latest UNSTOPPABLE contest!

Be UNSTOPPABLE in October!

Be UNSTOPPABLE in October!

UNSTOPPABLE is a one-month contest including tough money for the leading prizes (and some cool alleviation rewards, too).

Establish the most new (first-time) EA2 PSAs
Getting approved for the October 2016 contest are all brand-new (novice) EA2s developed from October 1st through October 31, 2016.

  • 1st place = $500 cash
  • 2nd place = $250 cash
  • 3rd place = $100 cash
  • 4th-10 place = $50 added to your Finalizing Bonus account

Total money & Finalizing Bonus prizes of $1200.


  • Top 10 = Unique “UNSTOPP ABLE  TEN” T-Shirt (limitation: 4 T-Shirts/year).
  • Top 50 = 10 TCredits.
  • Top 50 = New “UNSTOPPABLE” badge for your SFI home page and JMT gateway.
  • 50 TCredits for 10 arbitrarily picked of those who went into and generated a minimum of 1 EA2.

Develop 3 or more new (first-time) EA2s in October and you’ll immediately win, as an unique bonus, one of our special, brand name new “Unstoppable Affiliate” collectable coins!

Be UNSTOPPABLE in October! coins
These good-looking, two-sided coins simulate fine silver and are made of Nickel-Silver, a heavyweight alloy made from an unique mix of nickel, copper and zinc.

Although these coins consist of no precious metal, they are brilliant silver in color, scratch-resistant, non-tarnishing, and really resilient. 39 mm (1.54 ″ size), silver dollar size.

Proudly show your coin at your desk, or keep it in your pocket as a consistent tip of your SFI goals. Your Unstoppable Affiliate coin is also a powerful discussion starter/marketing tool! Commend a prospect and see them get rapidly thinking about joining your SFI group!


The first step of being called an UNSTOPPABLE AFFILIATE is to enter! Go now to the WIN IT tab to get in. As soon as you’ve entered, all you need to do is start generating new EA2s!

IDEA: For concepts on getting your PSAs to EA2 status, see this training post.

By the way, just for going into, you’ll get our new UNSTOPPABLE “In it to win it!” badge for your SFI homepage. Keep in mind: A minimum of one brand-new EA2 should be generated within 15 days of entering to keep this badge.

Be UNSTOPPABLE in October! Join now


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